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Research facilities available in the group:

The major research facilities available in the group includes: Proximate analyzer (TGA, Leco); CHN analyzer (TruSpec, Leco); Sulphur analyzer ( S144 DR, Leco); Gas Chromatograph for Toxic Gases, Hydrocarbons (Aliphatic & PAHs) Analysis; Heating Microscope for Ash Fusion Temperature Range; Calorific Value Determinator (AC350, Leco); Stack Sampler; Particulate sampler (SPM, PM10, PM2.5); Thermal analyzer (TGA-DTA-DSC); Pouch cell making devices; Glove box, Microwave digester; Flue gas analyser; High temperature furnace systems; Coal quality control laboratory; High pressure reactor; Pilot plant; non-recovery coke oven; crusher; ball mill etc.

Niche Areas of the group with details of available latest technologies, expertise etc:

The Northeast region (NER) Indian coals are considered unique because their physico-chemical characteristics and behaviour do not commensurate with properties adopted for rank classification like other coals in the World. They are mostly classified as subbituminous in rank. The group members have versatile expertise on value addition of such NER low-quality coals, desulphurization of coal, coke-making in non-recovery coke ovens, management of acid mine drainage, Humic acid from non caking coals, sulphur and smokeless briquettes/nodules from high sulphur, high volatiles coals and coal fines, green methods of coal beneficiation, nano-mineralogy and nano-geochemistry of coals, coal-derived carbon nano-materials etc. Few of the process developed are:

  • Charcoal and coke making plant .
  • Desulphurization of coal, coal-derived oils, gases .
  • In-situ management of Coal Mine Drainage .
  • Humic acid from non caking coals .
  • Sulfur-less and smokeless briquettes/nodules from high sulfur, high volatiles coals and coal fines .
  • Ultrasonic-assisted beneficiation of high sulfur NER coals .
  • Activated carbon from NER coals .
  • Nanodiamond from NER coals and atmospheric particulate matters .
  • Recent research activities of each individual group in the division:

    Clean Coal Technology (Coal Beneficiation), Coal and Environmental Issues, Aerosol Chemistry, Nano-mineralogy, Value Added Products from Low Grade Coals, Activated carbon; Carbon Nano-materials, Quality assessment and utilization of biomass from Northeast India, Alternative Energy sources, Coal Conversion Technology, Selective Oxidation, Fuels & Chemicals.