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  • Development of agro-technology and chemical investigation of medicinal, aromatic and economically important plants of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Extraction, purification, standardization and structural elucidation of pure molecules from natural resources, by HPLC and NMR.
  • Development of New Chemical Entities (NCE’s) from natural products with emphasis on treatment of Diabetes Type 2.
  • Provide training and technical support in cultivation of mushroom and production of vermicomposite in commercial scale.
  • Development of medicinal and economically important native plants through biotechnological approaches.
  • Evaluation of nutraceuticals and antioxidant activities of wild edible plants used by local peoples of the state.
  • Green synthesis of nanoparticles using natural products and its applications in different fields.
  • Developing flow cytometry based evolutionary techniques related to next generation fuels and high-value products from microalgae.
  • Understanding endosymbiotic relationships between microbes and plants and predicting metabolic pathways for value-added products using “-Omics” techniques.
  • Isolating bioactive compounds from freshwater and extreme environment microbes for various industrial applications. 

Head of the Department
Dr Chandan Tamuly
Ph D (Organic Chemistry)
Pr. Scientist
ID. No. 1060,
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest: R&D on Natural Product Chemistry, Nanoscience, and Green Chemistry

Dr Natarajan Velmurugan
Ph D
Senior Scientist
ID. No. 1254
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest: Plant and algal biotechnology, endosymbiotic relationships, freshwater microbiology, protein engineering and biotechnological applications of flow cytometry.

Technical Officers
Dr. Budhen Ch. Baruah
Ph. D (Botany)
Senior Technical Officer III
ID. No. 864
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest : Plant breeding
Mrs. Moushumi Hazarika
M. Sc, M. Phil. (Chemistry)
Senior Technical Officer (1)
ID. No. 1136,
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest : Natural Product Chemistry & Nanoscience.
Technical Staff
Tame Rajen
Non Tech
ID. No. 1075
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220