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Speciality Chemicals:

  • Development of eco-friendly processes for the preparation of value added chemicals from wastes like rice straw, bamboo, grass etc
  • Oxidative transformation of lignin/degraded lignin products generated from microbially treated lignocellulosic materials’ for value addition

Small molecule libraries as anticancer and anti tuberculosis agent:

  • Synthesis of prenylated coumestane natural products like psoralidin, lespeflorin, glycyrol etc. and study of their activity against prostate cancer
  • Synthesis of small molecule libraries of Natural Products (NPs) and Natural Product like Molecules (NPLMs) by Function Oriented Synthesis (FOS), Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS), Diverted Total Synthesis (DTS), Target Oriented Synthesis (TOS) etc. for cancer therapy
  • Synthesis of substituted quinoxaline and quinazoline derivatives for new anti tuberculosis agent

Development of methodology for the synthesis of promising organic molecules:

  • Development of methodologies involving C-C bond and C-X bond formation reactions
  • Development of methodologies for new scaffold library synthesis involving cascade/domino reactions
  • Application of green chemistry principals in synthesis of novel scaffolds
Development of synthetic methodologies for azaspirocyclic natural products like histirionicotoxin, erythratidinone, erysotramidine etc.