Connecting Science and Technology for a brighter tomorrow

At present CPP group is actively working on application of microbes and microbial enzyme in pulping and bleaching processes for reduction of environmental pollution of pulp and paper industry. The work is being carried out under CSIR-Network project of 12 FYP where CSIR-NEIST has been working as Nodal laboratory and five CSIR labs - CSIR-CLRI, CSIR-CSMCRI, CSIR-NIIST, CSIR-IMMT and CSIR-IMTECH have been working together in this project. Also this division is actively engaged in another important CSIR-Network project of 12th FYP “Zero emission Research Initiative for Solid waste (ZERIS)” with CSIR-CLRI on utilization of leather waste materials for Apparels and Goods. The R & D works related to ZERIS project is progressing well and a technology has developed on flexible leather substitute composites. In addition to that a number of grant-in-aid projects funded by different agencies like Coir-Board, DST and NEC have been completed successfully by this division.

In recent years number of technologies have been developed and commercialized. Low dust chalk pencil, Liquid deodorant cleaner, Handmade paper, Particle board, Cellulosic insole board and Banana fibre are among them. In case of societal programmes, CPP Group has been continuously arranging training program for different SHG/NGO members on Banana fibre, Low dust chalk pencil, Liquid deodorant cleaner, Handmade paper in various places in order to develop skill and entrepreneurship among the young educated youth of this region and also to attract the young entrepreneurs.