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Name : Dr Rajib Lochan Goswamee
Designation : Senior Principal Scientist
Qualification : Ph.D.
Contact Details : (0091) -376 -2370121- PBX 2416; 0376-2370081
Email id :;

Research Interest
  • Synthetic Layered Materials, Structured Honeycomb Catalysts and Filters, Water Treatment for Arsenic and Fluoride Removal
  • Drilling Fluid Formulations, Ceramic Membranes, Organic Catalysis, Coating, MOCVD,
  • Nano Materials, Water Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery, Food and Nutrients.
  • CSIR Network Project - CSC 104 - Membrane and Adsorbent Technology Platform for Effective Separation of Gases and Liquids (MATES) WP-3 - “Nano Oxidic Membrane Reactors by Green Chemical Approach”.
  • CSIR Network Project BSC-0125 S&T Intervention to combat malnutrition in women and children
  • MLP 6000 - Development of Efficient and Benign Catalysts and Catalysis. (Work Package I, Materials Science)
  • Total Number of Patents/Technologies Granted: 11 Nos.
  • Rajib L Goswamee*, Andre Ayral, Krishna G. Bhattacharyya & Dipak K. Dutta A process for the preparation of active metal oxide composites useful as toxic gas adsorbent from mixed metal layered hydroxides and smectite clay: Indian patent granted No 235052 dtd 24.06.09 (a joint patent under CSIR-CNRS collaboration)
  • Indian patent filed “Supported Mixed Metal Oxidic Nano Sheets Coated Ceramic Monolithic Reactor Suitable for the Adsorption of Toxic Sulphur Bearing Gases-Method of Their Preparation and Application” ( Inventors M.Mishra & R.L.Goswamee* ).
  • Indian patent filed “A Process for The Preparation of Oxidic Nano Sheets Coated Monolithic Catalysts Useful for the Treatment of Toxic N2O Gas” ( Inventors: R. L. Goswamee*, M.Mishra & A.K. Sharmah Baruah).
  • World patent filed A Process for the Preparation of Oxidic Nano Sheets Coated Monolithic Catalysts useful for the Treatment of Toxic N2O Gas Inventors Rajib Lochan Goswamee*, Mridusmita Mishra, Anil Kumar Sarma Baruah .
  • US Patent filed “Process for the Adsorption of Toxic Sulphur Bearing Gases” (Inventors Mridusmita Mishra, Rajib Lochan Goswamee)
  • Development of novel nano-oxidic monolithic filtering device for control of toxic SO2 and H2S gas at high temperature especially suitable for Hot Gas Desulfurisation of High Organic Sulphur bearing Coals
List of Publications (Most Recent Ten)
Total No. of Publications:15; Most Recent Ten Publications:
  • a) Baruah, B., Mishra, M.,Bhattacharjee, C.R., (...), Phukan, P., Goswamee, R.L. The effect of particle size of clay on the viscosity build up property of mixed metal hydroxides (MMH) in the low solid-drilling mud compositions Applied Clay Science
  • b) Arsenic removal from water using calcined Mg-Al layered double hydroxide, Chetia, M., Goswamee, R.L.,Banerjee, S., (...), Srivastava, R.B., Sarma, H.P. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy.
  • c) Mishra, M., Bora, J.J.,Goswamee, R.L. Improvement of the mechanical strength of alumina preforms by coating with montmorillonite/LDH gels 2011, Applied Clay Science
  • Mishra, M., Das, M.R.,Goswamee, R.L. Synthesis and coating of silica supported Nickel Oxide particles over ceramic pre-forms through sol-gel derived layered double hydroxides 2010 Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
  • Bharali, P., Saikia, R., Boruah, R.K., Goswamee, R.L. A comparative study of thermal decomposition behaviour of Zn-Cr, Zn-Cr-Al and Zn-al type layered double hydroxides 2004, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  • First stereoselective total synthesis of triumfettamide; Thongam Joymati Devi, Bishwajit Saikia and Nabin C. Barua*; Tetrahedron (2013),69 (45),9457- 9462
  • Saikia, N.J., Bharali, D.J.,Sengupta, P., Goswamee R L (..), Saikia, P.C.,Borthakur, P.C. Characterization, beneficiation and utilization of a kaolinite clay from Assam, India 2003 Applied Clay Science
  • XRD study of thermal stability of hydroxyl-aluminium chloride, Goswamee, R.L., Poellmann, H. 1998 Indian Journal of Chemistry - Section A
  • Goswamee, R.L., Sengupta, P.,Bhattacharyya, K.G., Dutta, D.K.Adsorption of Cr(VI) in layered double hydroxides 1998, Applied Clay Science
Awards and Fellowships
  • a. DAAD Long duration Fellowship to Germany
  • CNRS fellowship to France