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Designation : Sr. Scientist
Qualification : PhD: Polymer Chemistry (CSIR-IICT Hyderabad), MSc: (IIT Roorkee)
Contact Details : Ph : + 0376-237011/2370139 extn 2426 Fax:0376-2370011
Email id :,

Research Interest
  • Bio-renewable & biodegradable polymer& composites
  • Chemicals from natural resources
  • Lignin& Coal chemistry
  • Acid Mine Drainage
  • Waste to wealth
  • A process for the preparation of polyaniline: S. Palaniappan, Singh Ajit, Indian Patent 2102DEL2013


  • Feasibility study on the inhibition of pyrite sulfur oxidation in coal and overburden materials for management of acid mine drainage, Ongoing: - (P.I.)
  • Development of hybrid battery power module with indigenously developed super-capacitor and Li-ion cell, Ongoing: - (Member)
  • Development of Graphene Super-Capacitors using Northeastern coal for power applications, Ongoing: -(Member)
  • Approach towards tailoring the interfacial structure and property of lignin for flexible bio-polymer film application, Completed: - (P.I.)
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