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Name : Dr(Ms) Swapnali Hazarika
Designation : Pr Scientist & Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc.(Physical Chemistry), Ph.D.
Contact Details : +91-9435713687
Email id :,

Research Interest
  • Membrane Science & Technology: Design and Development of membrane for different applications e.g. Membranes for Racemic resolution, Gas Separation, Biomolecules separation, Treatment of Industrial waste water etc.
  • Chemical Kinetics, Reaction Engineering of Chemical/Biochemical processes
  • Adsorption and Adsorptive Separation processes
  • Polymer Chemistry and Engineering: Design and development of Chiral Polymers
  • Extraction/Isolation of bioactive molecules from natural Feedstock
  • Process optimization and scaling up
  • Molecular Modelling and Simulation using DFT
  • Studies on Enantioselective Membrane from certain Chiral polymers, DST-New Delhi, July 2005-Jan. 2009 (Principal Investigator)
  • Molecular Recognition Stimuli Responsive Smart Polymeric Gel Microcapsule Membrane for Control Release Application: Probing Role of Diffusion Limitation In Gel Microstructure, CSIR-New Delhi, Sep., 2010-Sep., 2012, CSIR EMPOWER (Principal Investigator)
  • Development of Nanostructured Membrane for Solvent Recovery from Dilute Solution, DST-New Delhi, July, 2009-Jan., 2012 (Principal Investigator)
  • Preparation and Application of Immobilized Esterases /(Enzymes) for Industry and Biosensors, 2009-2011, CSIR-New Delhi (International Collaboration) (Principal Investigator)
  • Membrane as Technology plateform for effective Separation of Liquids and Gases (MATES), Apr., 2012-Mar., 2017, CSIR-New Delhi (CSIR Network) (Nodal Scientist, CSIR NEIST)
  • Development of Molecular Gate Membrane for CO2 Separation and Green Emission Control, DST-New Delhi , January, 2013-January 2017 (Principal Investigator)
  • Development of Environmentally Benign Process Technology for Extraction of Natural Dye of NE Region, MOEF-New Delhi, July, 2009-July, 2012, (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Membrane based Process for Commercial Production of Biomolecules (Fast Track Translational Project), 2016-2018 (Principal Investigator)
  • Member in 3 Nos. of completed project.
  • (a) In India: 4 (b) abroad: 3 (Filed) (c) Technologies: 1
  • P. Goswami, L. Konwar, S. Harzarika, N.N. Dutta, A.K. Hararika, A. Goswami and B.K. Gogoi, “A Process for Asymmetric Synthesis of a Chiral Glycerol Derivatives Useful for the Production of Optically Pure Cardiovascular Drugs”, Grant Date: 20/01/2006, Patent No.: 193956
  • A novel process for extraction and separation of oxyresveratrol from artocarpus lakoocha roxb., Dr Swapnali Hazarika, Dr Dilip Konwar, Mr Hirokjyoti Borah, Mr Somiron Borthakur, Dr Pranab Barkakati, Dr M M Bora, Mr Ram Nath Das, India, Applied for PCT Countries, USA and UK, Patent No. WO 2016056029
  • An improved membrane for gas separation, patent applied, Swapnali Hazarika, Panchali Bharali, Hirokjyoti Borah, Indumoni das, Somiron Borthakur, Modon Mohan Bora and Dilip Konwar, Applied for PCT Countries Patent App No. 0082NF2016.
  • Membrane Based process for separation of natural dyes, Modon Mohan Bora, Somiron Borthakur, Swapnali Hazarika & D Ramaiah, Applied for PCT Countries Patent App No. 0216NF2016 (Filed provisionally. Application No. 201711001422).
  • Process for Extraction and Separation of Oxyresveratrol
List of Publications (Most Recent Ten)
Total No. of Publications: 35, Book Chapter: 2, Book: 1 (Kinetics and Mechanism of Lipase catalysed Reaction)
  • Hirok Jyoti Borah, Rekha Singhal and Swapnali Hazarika*, Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb.: An Untapped Bioresource of Resveratrol from North East India, its Extractive Separation and Antioxidant Activity, Industrial Crops & Products, DOI : 10.1016/j.indcrop.2016.10.015, 95, 75-82, 2016.
  • Gayatri Gogoi and Swapnali Hazarika*, Coupling of ionic liquid treatment and membrane filtration for recovery of lignin from lignocellulosic biomass, Separation and Purification Technology,, 173, 113-120, 2017
  • Diganta Baruah, Ram Nath Das, Swapnali Hazarika, Dilip Konwar, Biogenic synthesis of cellulose supported Pd(0) nanoparticles using hearth wood extract of Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb - A green, efficient and versatile catalyst for Suzuki and Heck coupling in water under microwave heating, Catalysis Communications, 72:73-80, 2015.
  • Kundan Baruah, P K Bhattacharyya and Swapnali Hazarika*, Adsorption of Dilute Alcohols onto Cyclodextrine-Polysulfone Membrane : Experimental and Theoretical Analysis, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 60 (9), 2549–2558 (2015).
  • Kundan Baruah and S Hazarika*, “Separation of Acetic acid from Dilute Aqueous Solution by Nanofiltration Membrane”, J. Applied Polymer Science, DOI: 10.1002/app. 131, 40537 (2014).
  • S Hazarika*, N N Dutta and P G Rao, Dissolution of Lignocellulose in Ionic Liquids and its Recovery by Nanofiltration Membrane, Sep. and Purif. Technol. 97, 123–129, (2012).
  • Kundan Baruah, S Hazarika*, S Borthakur and N N Dutta, Preparation and characterization of Polysulfone-Cyclodextrin Composite NF Membrane : Solvent Effect, J. Applied Polymer Science, 125(5), 3388-3898, (2012).
  • S. Hazarika*, S. Borthakur, N. N. Dutta and P.G. Rao “A Novel Method for Synthesis of Chiral Polymer useful for Membrane Application”, Polymer J. 43, 12, 1067-1075 (2009).
  • S. Hazarika*, Enantioselective Permeation of Racemic alcohol through Polymeric Membrane, J. Memb. Sci., 310 (2008) 174-183.
  • S. Hazarika, P.Goswami, N.N. Dutta, , “Lipase catalyzed transesterfication of 2- O-benzylglycerol with vinyl acetate: Slovent effect”, Chem. Eng. J., (2003), 94, 1-10.
Awards and Fellowships
  • Received Best Poster Award in the National Seminar on Recent Developments in synthesis and Catalysis (RDSC) 2017 held on 10th- 11th March 2017 at Dibrugarh University.
  • Received Best Technology award for the technology “Extraction and Separation of Oxyresveratrol” on the occasion of NEIST Foundation Day on 20th March 2017 at CSIR NEIST.
  • Received National VICAL Award in Chemical Engineering from IIChE, 2015
  • Best Oral Presentation Award in SCHEMCON – 2014 under the Session Ecofriendly Catalyst and Green Chemistry at Haldia Refinery, West Bengal
  • Fullbright Fellow, under ‘Woman in Science’ program for the year 2013-2014
  • Recognized PhD guide of Gauhati and Dibrugarh University and AcSIR
  • Received CSIR-NEIST Appreciation certificate for Best performing Women Scientist in R&D for Three times.
  • Nominated for CSIR-Young Scientist Award for the year 2008
  • Woman Scientist Award by Department of Science & Technology – New Delhi