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    • We have developed a new strain of lemon grass “BLI-ARUN” and transferred to number of companies and NGO’s
    • We have also developed agro-technology/agro-practices on “Commercial cultivation of lemongrass, citronella, patchouli, menthe etc”.
    • Organised more than 50 nos. of training programme on “Cultivation of mushroom” and 40 nos of training programme “Production of vermicompost” to the SHG/NGO/local people/entrepreneurs etc in last five year.
    • We have offered various students training programmes and organized various science motivation programmes to learn and develop scientific skills of students and local community.
    • We are committed to develop the livelihood of local community through alternate income generations. They earned more than 6 lakh rupees by selling fresh mushroom and 5 lakh rupees selling vermicompost under our guidance in last four year.
    • Publications and patents during last 5 years: Research publications – 30 and patents – 1.

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