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The following machineries and equipments are available in CPP to carry out advanced research:
1. UV-Spectrophotometer (Solid/ Liquid/ Scattered samples).
2. Universal Testing Machine for Bamboo, Wood, Plastics, Iron & Steel Product.
3. Tensile Testing Machine for Paper and Board.
4. Bursting strength testing machine for Paper and Board.
5. Tearing strength tester of paper and board.
6. Double Fold Tester For Paper for Paper and Board.
7. Brightness & Opacity Tester for Paper and Board.
8. COBB sizing Tester for Paper and Board.
9. Multi Daylight Hydraulic Hot Press Machine.
10. Beater.
11. Rotary Digester.
12. Fiber Analyzer.
13. Calendaring Machine.
14. Fiber Respodar.

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