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Name : Dr Modon Mohan Bora
Designation : Principal Technical officer
Qualification : M Sc in Chemistry, Ph D in Chemistry
Contact Details : Mobile: 9435922166 (M)
Email id :

Research Interest
  • The major fields of research are separation Science & Technology, process development, Membrane and Adsorptive Separation Processes in Bio-Technological and Environmental applications, Scale-up and design of chemical processes for drugs, natural Dye extraction and purification, oil and water separation from oily waste water, Desulphuresization of high sulphur coals, Development of fluidized bed combustion of high sulphur N E coals, product of smokeless and sulphur controlled fuels from high sulphur coals and coalfines for domestic and industrial uses, Carbon black product from N E Coals, etc.. Current research activities are confined to development of membrane processes in biotechnological and environmental application. Process Intensification studies for bio-products based on Natural Feedstock, , natural Dye extraction and purification for Industrial.
  • Development of Environmentally Benign Process Technology for Extraction of Natural Dye of N.E. Region.
List of Publications (Most Recent Ten)
Total No. of Publications: 17; Chapter in Books: 1
  • B Mazumder and M M Bora, “ Structure feature of Boragolai Coal ( N E Coalfield) of India as derived from additive carbonization tests”, Journal Research and Industry, Vol. 39, pp. 211-219. September, 1994.
  • R C Borah, B Mazumder and M M bora, “Atmospheric fludized bed combustion of high sulphur, high volatile N E Region coals of India”, Journal Research and Industry, Vol. 40, pp. 315-321, December, 1994.
  • BG Unni, Utpala Bora, H R Singh, B S Dileep Kumar, Barnali Devi, S. B. Wann, Archana Bora, B S Bhau, K Neog and R Chakravorty (2008). High yield and quality fibre production by muga silkworm, Antheraea assama through the application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. Current Science, Vol. 94. No. 6, pp. 768-774.
  • B. G. Unni, Ken E. Peck, M. M. Pytel, K. H. Dahm, G. Bhaskaran, H. Ranjit Singh, Y. Kakoty, B. Devi and S. B. Wann (2009). Dimethyl sulphoxide inhibits in vitro synthesis of juvenile hormone I and II and stimulates juvenile hormone III by corpora allata of insects. Current Science, Vol. 96, No. 8, 25 April 2009.
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