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Name : Dr Sanjay Deori
Designation : Principal Scientist & Group Leader
Qualification : PhD in Transportation Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Contact Details : Applied Civil Engineering Division CSIR-North East Institute of Science & Technology Jorhat-785006, Assam (INDIA) Ph: +91 0376 2370007 , 2375 (Extn.) , 09435492149 (M) Fax: +91 0376 2370011
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Research Interest
  • Highway Engineering & Materials and Geo-Technical Engineering
  • Study and development of soil modification or stabilization techniques for various types of soil used in construction activities in and around Jorhat and in some selected areas of Assam, CSIR- 12th Five Year Plan In-House Project.
  • Post Disaster Management Design and Development of Transitory Houses for Disaster Vulnerable Rural Sectors in the North Eastern Region, CSIR- 12th Five Year Plan(Network Project).
  • Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Major Cities in North-Eastern India, Sponsored by NEC, Shillong.
  • Performance Evaluation of River Brahmaputra Bed Materials for Use in Construction of Road Embankment, Subgrade and Subbase, sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi.
  • Development of Methodology for Manufacturing Modular Bricks from River Brahmaputra Bed Material, sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi.
List of Publications (Most Recent Ten)
Total No. of Publications:15
  • Jain, P.K., Nagabhushana, M.N., Deori, Sanjay and Kamaraj, C.,“Performance of Natural Rubber Modified Bitumen in India – A Pilot Study” Published in Proceedings of 4th Congress Eurroasphalt & Eurobitume 2008 , Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Deori, Sanjay, Jain, P.K., and Sharma,B.M., “Use of Natural Rubber Modified Bitumen Emulsions in Road Maintenance -- A Step Forward in the Direction of Eco- Effectiveness” Published in Proceedings of 1st International Bitumen Conference, Tehran, Iran, October 18-19, 2008.
  • Deori Sanjay, Jain P.K., Jain Sunil and Tiwari Devesh, “Full Scale Performance Study on Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen and Conventional Bitumen in Bituminous Concrete”, Published in Indian Highways, Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Journal, New Delhi ( May,2010).
  •  Deori, Sanjay, Rao, Y.V., Sharma, B.M. , Pokhriyal, S.P., “Microsurfacing – An Effective Treatment for maintenance of City Roads in Delhi”, Proc. of 5th World Congress on Emulsion , 12-14 October 2010 , Lyon , France.
  • Deori, Sanjay, Sharma, B.M, Rao, Y.V., Gangopadhyay, S., “Indian Experiences on Microsurfacing : An Innovative Technology for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, Proc. of International Seminar on “ Reducing Carbon Footprint in Road Construction” to be held at India Habitat Centre , New Delhi from 17th to 19th Feb 2011.
  • Deori, Sanjay, Reddy, K.S., Gangopadhyay, S., “Effect of Gradation on Elastic and Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixes”, submitted for publication in Indian Roads Congress (IRC) journals, New Delhi, September 2010.
  • Deori, Sanjay, Choudhary, Rajan, Tiwari, Devesh and Sharma, B.M., “A Critical Review of Flexible Pavement Performance Prediction Models”, Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Materials and Techniques for Infrastructure Development (AMTID 2011) NIT Calicut, India, 22-24 June 2011.
  • Sanjay Deori, Dipak Basumatari, Pranab Barkakati and Dr. P.G. Rao,“Indian Experiences on the use of Modified Binders in Flexible Pavements Construction” Proceedings of Seminar on ‘Model Concepts for Improved Habitat in North-East’ 24th Sept. 2011, Shillong.
  • Dipak Basumatari, Sanjay Deori, Pranab Barkakati and Dr. P.G. Rao,“ Green Building” Proceedings of Seminar on ‘Model Concepts for Improved Habitat in North-East’ 24th Sept. 2011, Shillong.
  • Deori, Sanjay, Choudhary, Rajan, Tiwari, Devesh and Sitaramanjjaneyulu, K., “ Deterioration Modeling of Flexible Pavements with Modified Bitumen”, Proceedings of Third International Conference on Construction In Developing Countries (ICCIDC–III) “Advancing and Integrating Construction Education, Research & Practice” July 4-6, 2012 Bangkok,Thailand.
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